What’s IN MY GLASS Today

White Sangria – Jacob Creeks Chardonnay

When we’re young it’s all fun, all the time, and for me it still is.  You caught me, I haven’t seen my 20’s since I quit driving a 280Z. I have often wondered why some people start taking fewer risks as they get older.  It’s as if the world quit being fun and got scary.  I still throw caution to the wind.  I’ve made a thousand mistakes and I’ll make a thousand more before I pass thru this life.  But one mistake I won’t make again is buying overpriced wine.

Summer is officially here and we’re all breaking out our favorite whites and I don’t mean summer apparel.  Obviously I’m referring to wine.  Try something fun, make your own sangria, it is a great use for those wines under $5!  I used Jacobs Creek Chardonnay from Austrailia.

I have a very simple recipe for White Sangria; 1 bottle of white, 1 orange, 1 lemon, and 1 lime.  After pouring the wine into your pitcher of choice, squeeze the juice of the fruit into it, plus the wedges.  Put your mixture in the fridge and let it marinate for about 15 minutes.  When you’re ready to start drinking, add ice and my secret weapon 1/2 a can of Fresca citrus soda with a double shot of my favorite Gin (Hendricks).  Cheers to even more fun in the sun!  I paired my sangria with a salad with gorgonzola cheese, it goes fantastic with seafood too!

I gave this wine/sangria a 10 – Check V’s Rating System

TASTE  –  3  Very Good

PRICE  –  4  Screaming Deal $4.19 + $3 for fruit

COOL FACTOR  –  Gotta Have It

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What’s IN MY GLASS Now

Cune Rioja 2010 – Tempranillo Rosado

Are you sometimes haunted by your past?  Old loves or spirits who come back around to haunt your days.  Just as in fashion, the past is always recycled.  Weather it be a friend you out grew, who is now stalking you on Facebook, an old boyfriend who broke your heart, or a wine that was once your favorite, now ignored.

I thought I was done with Rose back in the 80’s, after banishing White Zin from my life.  Sure in 1988 I was totally in-love and felt like the hippest chick around, drinking my White Zinfindale by the pool.  I charmingly referred to White Zin as my bel ami, but then I moved on as most of us tend to do at that age.  I switched to red and never looked back, until we were reintroduced.

Rose recently came back in to my life, but in another varietal.   The wine was a Rioja Rose from Spain, made from Tempranillo and with just one taste my passion was reignited.  I couldn’t believe I had ever let her get away.  Cune Rosado Rose 2010 is 100% Tempranillo, it gets its color through skin contact, I know it sounds sexy but it’s true.  This strawberry blonde is easy and fun to drink.  It’s a dry, well-balanced beauty, filled with gorgeous, ripe fruit, and notes of freshly cut flowers.  Roses have been nick-named the “patio” wine because they are so refreshing on a warm day.  Try pairing them with strong cheeses, I had a glass with a goat cheese salad and was very satisfied.

I gave this wine a 10 – check V’s Rating System

TASTE  –  Very Good

PRICE  –  Screaming Deal  $9.99 retail

COOL FACTOR  –  Gotta Have It

Out of the comfort zone and IN MY GLASS

I feel as though I’ve fallen under the seductive spell of California Cabernet.  It’s totally crazy, when the purpose of this blog is to explore the wines of the world.  I refuse to be tied down to anything, or restricted by my own desires.  Hey, it’s  hard NOT to lose objectivity and fall into a habit, when the habit is drinking fabulous wine.  I’m not saying California Cabs are a bad habit, it’s just that my goal is to slip out of my safety zone by trying new varietals and sharing them with you.  At least the good ones.  I went into The Wine House,  with that goal in mind. I found my way to the Syrah, Shiraz area.  Syrah/Shiraz are the same varietal, but in Australia they call it Shiraz.  More about that later.  I discovered a Syrah from Zaca Mesa, one of my favorite wineries.  They lived up to my expectations again.

This is a full-bodied, bold wine with a gorgeous nose of ripe blueberries, rich black berries, violets and licorice.  It was dry with smooth tannins and a silky finish with subtle notes of smokey oak and coco.  This beauty goes well with rack of lamb but I paired it with a cheese board of extra sharp cheddar and salami and was quite satisfied.

I gave this wine an 11Check V’s Rating System

TASTE  –  4  Amazing

PRICE  –  4  Screaming Deal  $19.99 The Wine House L.A.

COOL FACTOR  –  3  Gotta Have It

Stupid Cupid IN MY GLASS?

FOREFRONT 07  –  Cabernet Blend

Stupid Cupid is about to make his appearance any day now.  Doesn’t he know love can make you sick?  Love can kill.  People have been known to die of broken hearts.  Still this chubby little cherub persists on shooting his deadly arrows, through otherwise sane people’s hearts.  This is why I don’t feel sad, when I see all those lovey- dovey couples that look to be on cloud 9, while I sit alone.  Because I know that a broken heart awaits them, so I am more than happy to spend Valentines Day alone or with my single friends drinking wine and discussing how blissfully happy we are to walk alone.  If you are part of a duo I really wish you luck and if your heart is broken, head to the wine store for some rejuvination.

I went to Total Wine last week and tried a few Cabs and decided I’d pour Forefront, the makers of Stags Leap, to my  hopelessly single friends.  It pairs well with chocolate, which I plan to serve a lot of.

I absolutely LOVE this Cabernet blend.  It reminds me of the  kind of men I like to date.  Deep, rich, complex yet balanced.  This baby is deep purple in color, a big rich lush wine, with Syrah added to the blend to add structure.  Aromas of blackcherry, blueberry and baked raspberry on the nose. The attack on the palate was ripe blackfruit, coffee grounds, vanilla and toasty oak. The finish was long with velvety tannins and hints of dark chocolate.  This wine will pair well with roasted meats, but I’m breaking out the chocoloate!

I gave this wine an 8  –  Check V’s Rating System

TASTE  –  3  Very Good

PRICE  –  3  Deal  17.99  Total Wine

COOL FACTOR  –  2  Hot

What is IN MY GLASS tonight

CHATEAU DE ROCHEMORIN 05′  –  Bordeaux Blend

Robert Parker believes, “The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel.  The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound.  I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.”  I have recently started using these glasses myself, thank you Santa!

I have no idea if the wine tastes any better, but I do plan on doing a taste test and will report back.  But I certainly feel very sexy using them.  By now you’ve realized I’m kind of a show-off, but I do sincerely enjoy the entire ritual of opening the wine and decanting it.  If you can’t think of a gift for a friend who loves wine, Riedel is perfection.  I’ve been a wine lover ever since way back, OMG the 80’s..  Back while my friends were tapping kegs, I was drinking Boones Farm and feeling just a little above the rest of the crowd. I’m not sure all wine lovers are as easy-going as me, so I always stick with Riedel or other cool wine accessories.

I had enough restraint to not drink my 05′ Bordeaux, Chateau de Rochemorin for 3 weeks – a long time for me.  I had been waiting for the Riedel decanter I would be getting has a late Holiday gift..

This gorgeous wine took my breath away, it’s a classic Bordeaux blend of 60% Cab and 40% Merlot, from Pessace-Leogan.  Dark ruby in color, full-bodied, with aromas of dried black cherries, tobacco and coffee beans.  The attack on the palate was more dark fruit, earth and smoke.  It was well-balanced, with smooth tannins and a hint of coco on the finish.

I gave this wine a –  Check V’s Rating System

TASTE  –  3  Very Good

PRICE  –  4  Screaming Deal  $19.99 Total Wine

COOL FACTOR  –  2  Hot

What’s IN MY GLASS during Play-Offs

EVODIA  08′  –  Grenache

EVODIA Granacha

I have really been living La Dolce Vita these last few weeks.  Hey it’s a New Year and I am a natural when it comes to celebrating – it’s one of the things I do best.  Now I’m getting back to my roots, and back to my budget, before I go completely broke!  I promised to review great tasting, inexpensive wines/ aka killer prices. I have one for the books today!  I picked wines for a flight night that were all different varietals, from different countries.  They were all very good, but the Evodia, for the taste and the mind-blowing price, took first place. A few bottles came home with me and I broke them out during the Green Bay Game on Sunday.  It’s a Spanish wine  made from 100% old vines of Granacha, they call it Grenache everywhere else.  Yes that’s me blocking the TV and looking content, thanks to this great wine. Believe me I wasn’t crazy about the outcome of the game.  I was looking forward to seeing Rogers and Brady play against each other.

Evodia Garnacha

This fantastic babe is grown from vines that are over 100 years old.  This is a classic Granacha from Spain, deep dark violet in the glass.  I got aromas of strawberry, blueberry, perfumed flowers and pink pepper, if such a thing exists.  It’s a juicy bright wine that is very drinkable.  It will go great with all things grilled.  I had it with a cheese board and salami and it was awesome!

I gave this wine a 10   –  Check V’s Rating System

TASTE  3  –  Very Good

PRICE  4  –  Screaming Deal

COOL FACTOR  3  –  Gotta Have It